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"Robin helped me find a house with acreage in a very fast moving market within my price range. She is very knowledgeable of the market inventory and worked hard to find appropriate properties. She was friendly, professional, down to earth and able to meet my needs quickly. Robin was quick to catch on to my needs and what I found attractive in a suitable property. She is a great listener with excellent negotiation skills. Robin is on top of the details during and following the transaction process. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find real estate or to sell their home. I will definitely use her in the future for my real estate needs. Robin is one of the best in the business!" - Deborah P    read more reviews

Looking for a home, lot or business property is an exciting and sometimes frustrating process.  Zillow,, Google and more offer instant access to what you think is the latest information.  But that's just the first step.  To find the property you are looking for in the most efficient way there is no substitute for working with a licensed NC Realtor.

Town and Mountain Realty is a local, homegrown Real Estate firm that knows the community, the region and the market.  I chose this firm because, like me, it's been a part of Asheville for a long time, working to make this town the great community it is today.

Resources for Buyers and Sellers

Finding the right home is a lot about understanding what you are looking for.  I have designed this survey to help us both identify the key features, assets and values that define your search.


If you are interested in learning more about how to prepare your home for sale, check out this great booklet "The Home Sellers Guide" prepared by the National Realtors Association.


Here's a link to some informative and entertaining videos about the home buying process.   Take a few minutes and explore these resources to help you understand what buying a home involves and why it can be a valuable aspect of your personal financial future.

The Definitive Guide for First-Time Homebuyers has a lot of very good information.

Property Consultation and Listing Agency

When you engage me as your real estate professional I bring my years of experience renovating and remodeling homes to advise you about realistic options for your property (the one you want to sell OR the one you want to buy)!

  • Reconstruction and renovation
  • Design and remodeling
  • Energy Efficiency technologies
  • Renewable Energy Installation and technologies
  • Local ordinances and zoning familiarity
  • Local permitting and building requirements
  • Permaculture design

Next Steps...

Contact me today to find your next home or property.  828-216-4009

Your Home, Your Most Important Investment

Your home is most likely the largest investment that you will make in your life and your future.  Our homes shape our lives and our futures; where we live, how much we spend on utilities and maintenance, how they reflect what we value and express who we are.

For example, buildings (homes, and business properties) are our country's largest energy users and as such are both the drivers and victims of the changing energy landscape.  If you are interested in stabilizing the energy expense of your new home, its important to take these issues into consideration from the start.  Questions like where and who is the primary energy provider, how efficient is the home's basic envelope and how is the property situated for solar applications need to be explored and addressed as we look for your new home.

Robin's over forty years of experience in real estate development, renewable and energy efficient technologies, renovation and reconstruction and home design allow her to help her client's see beyond the basic MLS description to these and other important issues  and opportunities.