Bundle Select

Bundle Select

Did you know that real estate has generated a host of third party companies that "refer" clients to agents for a fee?  Agents more and more are driven to give up to 30% or more of their commissions away to these companies.  With Bundle Select, we take out that middleman and let your employees have that referral benefit.

Since real estate can be the largest expense in your employees' lives we think helping you help them at the closing table is a great benefit!  I am excited to be a part of the eXp launch to reduce the cost to your employees by offering a suite of real estate benefits that give THEM a percentage of the closing commission, offer lending discounts and help with moving expenses. 

I'd love to schedule an opportunity to share with you what this program is all about.  Just review these quick bullet points to see why WE think this is such a win-win for you and your employees.

  • Let the savings begin! Start saving your employees money now, at zero cost to you.
  • Elevate your employees' lives with exclusive real estate benefits! Partner with Bundle Select and me as your trusted REALTOR to provide top-notch housing solutions. Explore our offerings and schedule a demo today by simply emailing me at [email protected].
  • Boost your organization's talent retention and attraction strategy by teaming up with Bundle Select. Shoot me an email at [email protected] to see how we can redefine your employees' housing experience.
  • Unlock the potential for employee satisfaction and productivity with Bundle Select's personalized real estate solutions. Discover the partnership advantages, email me at [email protected].
  • Join forces with me and Bundle Select to offer your employees seamless home buying and selling experiences. Find out how we can enhance your corporate benefits package, give me a call today, 828.216.4009.
  • Invest in your workforce's well-being and watch your organization thrive. Partner with Bundle Select and access a world of real estate possibilities. To learn more just send me an email [email protected].

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