Reprise Nov 1991 Hints for a Healthy Planet – Laundry

 There’s a lot of talk these days about what doesn’t  work – how our present ways of living are destroying our environment.  So many of the seemingly innocent things we do in our day have a far greater impact on this, our home planet, than most of us realize.  yet too often, the DON’Ts are not followed by alternatives, suggestions for what we can DO.

This column will be a forum for all of us, a place where we can share simple, practical, everyday ways to help make our world cleaner, safer and saner.  A kind of “Dear Heloise” of helpful hints for the earth-wise.  Just by being human on this earth we are bound to affect it, but we must start “living lighter” if we hope to share a cleaner tomorrow.  Please write to me (used to be Green Line, but now is with your ideas, successes, suggestions and comments.

Here’s to a more natural and resourceful care-taking of our shared home. Note: Hints will be grouped by subject matter so you can clip them, paste them to the back of that cardboard you cut from an old cereal box (recycling the rest of the box, of course) and file them for easy reference.