Reprise Dec 1991 Hints for A Healthier Planet Holiday Ideas

December, 1991 
Ecologically Speaking Hints for a Healthier Planet

The Holidays are here, and with them come the perfect opportunity for us to share our creativity and our ideas for a saner future with our families and friends.  Below are some hints from folks who have incorporated environmental concern into their holiday festivities.   Thanks this month to Sheila O’Brien, Robin Southecorvo and Doug Ballentine.

  • Instead of a cut tree, try a rooted tree for your holiday decorating.  Make sure it is well watered during its stay in your home, and keep it away from heat sources. After the holidays plant the tree outside as a gift to everyone.
  • Designate a favorite houseplant as your holiday tree, decorating it each year and making it a part of your traditions.
  • Make your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper out of recycled paper (grocery bags, newsprint, etc) stamped with patterns cut into potatoes or apples, using water colors or acrylic paints as ink.  Get together with friends for an evening of card-making fun.
  • Don’t burn wrapping paper in the fireplace or wood stove. Reuse it, instead.
  • Save this year’s greeting cards to make next year’s gift tags and Christmas postcards.
  • Choose names among your family to appoint a personal Santa for each person.  This way you can concentrate on fewer people, making your gift giving count.
  • Donate to a favored charity or environmental organization in lieu of gifts this year.
  • Make a coupon book good for massages, picnics or other gifts of your time and energy for that special friend.
  • Your money is a strong indicator of your support.  Keep your beliefs in mind when you shop and support business with environmentally sound practices.
  • Give the gifts that keep on giving; low flow shower heads, energy-efficient light bulbs, recycling containers, cloth grocery bags and earth-wise items.