Home Chemistry

I come by my environmental advocate roots honestly.  I am a child of the 70’s, coming to age as the country woke up to the dangers of pollution and the EPA was established to begin systemically protecting our environment.  I chose the “hippie” paradigm for its interest in understanding and living closely to the earth.  My first home was a reclaimed 100-year-old log cabin, rescued from the kudzu of central NC and upgraded with solar panels and surrounded by the organic gardens that were to provide my seminal education in home chemicals.

in the late 1980’s I moved to the mountains of NC and reclaimed another home , this one smack dab in the middle of Asheville.  This home became the inspiration for the architectural salvage company, Preservation Hall, that was to give my family a foothold into the social mobility that entrepreneurship and hard work afford.  Before the business took off, as I embraced motherhood for the first time, I approached homemaking with an eye to minimizing the chemicals that came into our home.

As part of that educational process I began writing a column for our local independent newspaper Greenline now the Mountain Xpress. My column was called “Ecologically Speaking, Hints for a Healthier Planet. It ran for about a year (1991-1992) before my business took off and the demands of my family grew.  I am going to reprise a few of those columns with you on the pages of my new website, within the sector of my website devoted to Climate Steward Homes.

I hope you find something of worth in these small articles.  They are old-fashioned and simple home-make solutions and tactics for the daily household chores.  Or, you may, like I have, find comfort in choosing products that do the job without harming the environment. Either way….enjoy…and let’s at least try to “do no harm!”