We all recognize that our homes have a huge impact on our personal budgets. But how often do we reflect on the impact that our houses have on our planet’s carbon budget (the balancing of the greenhouse gases that makes life on Earth habitable)?  Chances are we let this reckoning slip deep onto the bottom of our lists as we just do our best to keep up with all we must do in our daily lives.

Our houses, the places that nurture and protect our families and our dreams, that support our interests and abilities to keep up with life’s demands, are the primary drivers of our personal “footprint” on our planet.  Energy usage, product consumption, and our personal stewardship efforts find their greatest effectiveness when connected with our homes.

On this page I will give my personal recommendations for programs, product lines and companies that have helped my family and I try to balance our carbon budget. We have a long way to go to minimize how our lives impact this gorgeous planet….but these little steps at least help us offset some of the load our lifestyle choices add.

Appalachian Offsets  is a program of GreenBuilt Alliance and offers homeowners and business the opportunity to calculate and offset their carbon footprints.  The fee that you pay is leveraged in the local community by supporting energy efficiency and renewable projects for schools and non-profits.  Fees can be paid through an annual or monthly donation.  For more information contact info@greenbuilt.org