Climate for Society

It's been one of the most fascinating chapters of my life to learn about the impacts and opportunities (yes, there will be opportunities, too) of climate change and to work to help bring this information to the public.  Two of the organizations that I have been a part of are doing just that.  As an associate of CASE Consultants International, I have helped that build programming and events to bring climate knowledge into useful and actionable solutions.

Events were held throughout the year that brought together climate scientists and professionals in various sectors to explore the dynamic impacts that a shifting climate would have on our society.

All of these events were held at The Collider located on the top of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Asheville.  Though no longer working directly with The Collider, I was there at the beginning of the idea and led the charge for the project in the role I called the"project accelerator."  It was a play on the concept of the large particle accelerator that was the inspiration of my choice of the name, The Collider, for this organization that would bring together multiple parties (particles) for the rapid explosion of new ideas.

The climate impacts our daily lives and organizations like CASE and the Collider are working to help us understand those impacts.  I am glad to be associated with both of these groups as they seek to bridge the gap in our understanding of how climate changes will change our lives.