A Year in Review

2020 is already marching steadily on offering its own promises for another interesting year ahead.  As I look forward to this coming year, I am also reflecting back on 2019, the gifts, challenges and wonders that came my way.  A simple review reveals one thing that I am sure of;  I have a lot to be grateful for.  A healthy and growing family that my husband Bruce and I steward as loving elders. Each of our 5 children (three of his and two of mine) are in relationships with great people and they all add so much to our lives. We are so lucky to have them all living here in Asheville…just goes to show how much we all love this place!  Here we are on Christmas Eve grabbing one of those group photos that are one of the best gifts of the season!

It was a great year for our work.  Bruce’s writing program for Vietnam Vets received a grant and is going to be expanding and he was promoted to assistant Chief of Staff of Primary Care at the VA.  I helped my clients close on 20 properties and had $5.4 million in transaction values.  That kept me busy traveling all over the county and working with wonderful folks.  Bruce and I also traveled to Peru where we camped in the Andes with an intrepid group of travelers. Waking up with the sun at 16000 feet at the base of Ausangate, watching the light bathe the mountain in golden light is a sight I will never forget.

I wish you all a happy and adventure filled New Year.  Let’s grab a cup of coffee sometimes and catch up.  I’d love to hear what your 2019 was like.